We're non profit-making and bring our radio station to you, purely for the love of the music, via the power of the internet.

With a team of enthusiastic disc jockeys, actually playing the records, OKay uses analogue equipment used by famous American radio stations in the 1960s and 70s.

No attempt has been made to remove record scratches or
digitally alter and sterilise the sound in any way, so using
modern high-fidelity pickups, we bring you the original unexpurgated audio — and bearing in mind that a lot of these
records were recorded in mono, using fairly primitive
equipment, this fabulous music still sounds wonderful too.

The name 'OKay' is perfect for our little station. It is derived from the original, Choctaw American Indian word 'OKeh' meaning "it is so and in no other way". We think that this absolutely confirms everything we feel about how music should be enjoyed!